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The car charging holder with the Smart sensor car wireless sensor is made in a modern futuristic style, ergonomic, compact and functional; it will look good in any car salon. Driving enthusiasts will appreciate the built-in wireless device that can quickly refuel any compatible device.

The product is equipped with a safety support function that protects against voltage surges and prevents overheating. The coverage of the active field is 8 mm, which allows you to charge gadgets without removing them from the case.



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Car charging holder with touch sensor Smart Sensor Car Wireless R1 is a convenient multifunctional device that allows you to place a smartphone in the cabin of your car and recharge it at the same time. Stylish and ergonomic device in a sturdy case is an updated version of the previous version – S5. 

The wireless stand is installed on the grid of any horizontal deflector of the machine. Unlike the usual mounting on the front panel or windshield, this placement option provides more convenient access to the phone, which increases the safety of driving a vehicle. The clip automatically locks the device with a screen size of 4.5–6.5 inches, excluding its slipping. Side seals prevent rattling. The holder is equipped with touch sensors: by touching the back surface of the device, you can open it, and by inserting the phone into the socket, you can automatically close the latch. The design of the holder allows you to freely rotate the gadget, orient it horizontally (if used as a navigator), as well as safely charge the mobile without removing it from the case (up to 5 mm thick). Built–in LEDs notify about the status of the smartphone: the blue color of the indicator means that the device is in the process of recharging, green - the gadget is charged.

The product is compatible with phones that support Qi-standard charging, a special adapter can be purchased for all other devices. For even faster charging, it is recommended to additionally use the QC3.0 car adapter.


? Manufacturer: China

? Model: R1 Smart Sensor Simple Fast Wireless Charging Holder with Auto Clamping

? Input: 5V USB 1.67A (10W fast mode) 

? Fast Charging Mode: Fast Charge standart Qi (Qi wireless standard)

? Smartphone charging time:  fast mode (9V/1.7A) 2-2.5 hours; normal mode (5V/2A) 3.5 hours, 

? Power: 10W, 7.5W, 5W (automatic power identification)

? Charging efficiency: >=73%

? Charging frequency: 110-205 kHz

? Charging distance: 0-8 mm

? Compatibility: iPhone, Android

? Tilt angle: 360°

? Material: Metal, silicone, heat-resistant ABS plastic, glass

? Operating temperature: -20° to +45°

? Built-in protection system: metal object sensor, overvoltage fuse, heating protection up to 80°

? Dimensions: 130 x 106 x 15mm

? Cable length: 60 cm

? Weight: 95 g

? Color: Gold, Silver

? Quality Certificates: RoHS, FCC, CE-Red, Qi 


- Smart Sensor R1 holder with Auto clip

- microUSB charging cable

- Fixing the holder to the ventilation

- Packaging, user manual


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100% quality guarantee
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14 days for return
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