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Material: Steel

Manufacturer Country: China

Type: Snow Chain
Color: Grey
Quantity, pieces: 2

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Ice scraper with brush

In order for the car to always remain in excellent condition and its coating is not corroded, it is necessary to remove the formed ice from the surface of the car in a timely manner. To do this, you need to purchase an ice scraper with a TRAUTE 327 brush.

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- Maximum versatility.
- Mounting weight 4.35 kg.
- Powerful steel frame, made of pipes with a diameter of 25 mm.
- Long-lasting powder coating.
- The adjustable bicycle mount frame will allow you to fit the Aguri Tour Silver fasteners to your car perfectly.
- The hooks that hold the Aguri Tour Silver on the body are covered with a special tool (rubberized) that prevents scratches.
- Mobile bicycle frame holders make it possible to easily place bicycles.
- Security certificate B.
- Belt for additional fixation of bicycles mounted on Aguri Tour Silver, length 2.5 m.
- Easy installation, requiring no additional tools.
The Aguri Tour Silver 2 bicycle mount is a lightweight version of the bicycle mount on the rear door of the car, installed with straps. Mobile frame holders with an elastic safety belt make it possible to conveniently install the Aguri Tour Silver.

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Barcode: 4607004061271

RW-40 RUNWAY, having excellent lubricating and penetrating properties, is widely used in cars and in everyday life, helping the details of mechanisms to work efficiently and properly.

Product Type: lubricant.
Type of use: universal.
Volume/Weight: 200 ml/g.
Product form: aerosol.
Packaging: balloon.

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  • Specifications:

    Battery charging time: 120 min
    Power Supply: Wireless
    Battery Capacity: 2000mA
    Battery life: 30-45 minutes
    Suction power: 120W
    Voltage: 120W
    Number of operating modes: 1
    Engine Type: Cyclone
    Dust collector Type: HEPA

    Cleaning type: dry
    Device power: 9000 Pa
    Weight: 360g
    Body Material: ABS plastic
    Fragility: Fragile
    Number of nozzles included: 4 pcs

    Package contents: Auto vacuum cleaner - 1 pc; 1 bag- case; USB charging wire; Vacuum cleaner nozzles 3 pcs; USB wire - 1 pc

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Type: DVR; 
Model: A68; 
Feature: 3 cameras; 
Turn, U-turn: 360 degrees; 
Matrix: 5 MP; 
Viewing angle: 170° (width); 
Support: 1080p HD; 
Photo mode: yes; 
Recording mode: Cyclic; 
Impact sensor (G-sensor): Yes; 
Rear view camera: yes; 
Built-in microphone: yes; 
Built-in speaker: yes; 
Power supply: from the battery, from the on-board network; 
Battery Capacity: 180 mAh; 
Color: Black; 
Device dimensions: 8.5x5x4 cm; 

Package contents: A68 DVR, rear view camera, power cable, holder, mounting kit, instructions.

Packaging: branded box.


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