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Material: Steel

Manufacturer Country: China

Type: Snow Chain
Color: Grey
Quantity, pieces: 2

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Ice scraper with brush

In order for the car to always remain in excellent condition and its coating is not corroded, it is necessary to remove the formed ice from the surface of the car in a timely manner. To do this, you need to purchase an ice scraper with a TRAUTE 327 brush.

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- Maximum versatility.
- Mounting weight 4.35 kg.
- Powerful steel frame, made of pipes with a diameter of 25 mm.
- Long-lasting powder coating.
- The adjustable bicycle mount frame will allow you to fit the Aguri Tour Silver fasteners to your car perfectly.
- The hooks that hold the Aguri Tour Silver on the body are covered with a special tool (rubberized) that prevents scratches.
- Mobile bicycle frame holders make it possible to easily place bicycles.
- Security certificate B.
- Belt for additional fixation of bicycles mounted on Aguri Tour Silver, length 2.5 m.
- Easy installation, requiring no additional tools.
The Aguri Tour Silver 2 bicycle mount is a lightweight version of the bicycle mount on the rear door of the car, installed with straps. Mobile frame holders with an elastic safety belt make it possible to conveniently install the Aguri Tour Silver.

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Barcode: 4607004063916

Universal lubricant RW-40 «Smart sprayer » works in 2 positions, allowing you to adjust the accuracy and area of spraying. The tube is fixed on the sprayer: now it will not be lost!

Product Type: lubricant.
Type of use: universal.
Volume/Weight: 450 ml/g.
Product form: aerosol.
Packaging: balloon.

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Barcode: 4607004061271

RW-40 RUNWAY, having excellent lubricating and penetrating properties, is widely used in cars and in everyday life, helping the details of mechanisms to work efficiently and properly.

Product Type: lubricant.
Type of use: universal.
Volume/Weight: 200 ml/g.
Product form: aerosol.
Packaging: balloon.

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Barcode: 4607004060946

RW-40 RUNWAY, having excellent lubricating and penetrating properties, is widely used in cars and in everyday life, helping the details of mechanisms to work efficiently and properly.

Product Type: lubricant.
Type of use: universal.
Volume/Weight: 100 ml/g.
Product form: aerosol.
Packaging: balloon.

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Barcode: 4607025843818

The main part of the motorist's kit includes everything necessary for passing a technical inspection. All components have the necessary licenses and certificates.

First aid kit «FEST».
Metal fire extinguisher with pressure gauge OP-2(z).
Emergency stop sign.

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  • Specifications:

    Battery charging time: 120 min
    Power Supply: Wireless
    Battery Capacity: 2000mA
    Battery life: 30-45 minutes
    Suction power: 120W
    Voltage: 120W
    Number of operating modes: 1
    Engine Type: Cyclone
    Dust collector Type: HEPA

    Cleaning type: dry
    Device power: 9000 Pa
    Weight: 360g
    Body Material: ABS plastic
    Fragility: Fragile
    Number of nozzles included: 4 pcs

    Package contents: Auto vacuum cleaner - 1 pc; 1 bag- case; USB charging wire; Vacuum cleaner nozzles 3 pcs; USB wire - 1 pc

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Type: Wireless Hair Absorber
Power: 120W
Material: ABS plastic
Voltage: 7.4V
Volume: about 0.35 L
Power Source: USB charging cable

Rated power: 120W 
Rated speed: 36000 rpm 
Product size: 337x130x88mm 
Product Weight: 500g 
Dust collection cup: 0.35 L 
Suction: 6000 Pa 
Battery: 4000 mAh 
Charging time: 3 hours 
Discharge time: about 28 minutes

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The car charging holder with the Smart sensor car wireless sensor is made in a modern futuristic style, ergonomic, compact and functional; it will look good in any car salon. Driving enthusiasts will appreciate the built-in wireless device that can quickly refuel any compatible device.

The product is equipped with a safety support function that protects against voltage surges and prevents overheating. The coverage of the active field is 8 mm, which allows you to charge gadgets without removing them from the case.



See how it works:

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Car charging holder with touch sensor Smart Sensor Car Wireless R1 is a convenient multifunctional device that allows you to place a smartphone in the cabin of your car and recharge it at the same time. Stylish and ergonomic device in a sturdy case is an updated version of the previous version – S5. 

The wireless stand is installed on the grid of any horizontal deflector of the machine. Unlike the usual mounting on the front panel or windshield, this placement option provides more convenient access to the phone, which increases the safety of driving a vehicle. The clip automatically locks the device with a screen size of 4.5–6.5 inches, excluding its slipping. Side seals prevent rattling. The holder is equipped with touch sensors: by touching the back surface of the device, you can open it, and by inserting the phone into the socket, you can automatically close the latch. The design of the holder allows you to freely rotate the gadget, orient it horizontally (if used as a navigator), as well as safely charge the mobile without removing it from the case (up to 5 mm thick). Built–in LEDs notify about the status of the smartphone: the blue color of the indicator means that the device is in the process of recharging, green - the gadget is charged.

The product is compatible with phones that support Qi-standard charging, a special adapter can be purchased for all other devices. For even faster charging, it is recommended to additionally use the QC3.0 car adapter.


? Manufacturer: China

? Model: R1 Smart Sensor Simple Fast Wireless Charging Holder with Auto Clamping

? Input: 5V USB 1.67A (10W fast mode) 

? Fast Charging Mode: Fast Charge standart Qi (Qi wireless standard)

? Smartphone charging time:  fast mode (9V/1.7A) 2-2.5 hours; normal mode (5V/2A) 3.5 hours, 

? Power: 10W, 7.5W, 5W (automatic power identification)

? Charging efficiency: >=73%

? Charging frequency: 110-205 kHz

? Charging distance: 0-8 mm

? Compatibility: iPhone, Android

? Tilt angle: 360°

? Material: Metal, silicone, heat-resistant ABS plastic, glass

? Operating temperature: -20° to +45°

? Built-in protection system: metal object sensor, overvoltage fuse, heating protection up to 80°

? Dimensions: 130 x 106 x 15mm

? Cable length: 60 cm

? Weight: 95 g

? Color: Gold, Silver

? Quality Certificates: RoHS, FCC, CE-Red, Qi 


- Smart Sensor R1 holder with Auto clip

- microUSB charging cable

- Fixing the holder to the ventilation

- Packaging, user manual


See how it works:

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AIPINYUE wireless car vacuum cleaner will help to maintain cleanliness in the interior of your car, at home, in the country, in the garage. The portable device will quickly and efficiently eliminate any contamination – crumbs, animal hair, dust, hair, etc. Special nozzles are provided for penetration into hard-to-reach places. The HEPA filter effectively filters fine dust. The powerful battery provides convenient autonomous operation for up to 30 minutes without entangling the electric cord.

Due to its light weight, the vacuum cleaner can be operated with one hand. When stored, it will not take up much space. The collected garbage is easily removed and removed from the dustproof box.


Power: 120 Watts.
Degree of vacuum suction: 6000 kPa.
Battery capacity: 2000 mAh wireless model.
Battery life: 18 min.
Power cord: Wired model about 4.5m.
Material: ABC plastic;
Size: length - 36.8cm, diameter - 6.5cm.
Weight: 580g.
It has a suction power of 6000kPa.
A HERA filter is installed, which is responsible for effective filtration from dust.
The nozzles included with the vacuum cleaner will help to clean up in hard-to-reach places.


The vacuum cleaner can be of 2 types:

Built-in 2000mAh Battery.


Vacuum cleaner - 1 pc.
Nozzles - 3 pcs.
USB wire - 1 pc (in the version with a battery)
Wired from a 12V cigarette lighter.


See how it works:

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The battery-powered VC car vacuum cleaner is distinguished by its aerodynamic body shape, comfortable handle, good suction power and low noise during operation. The compact stylish model is equipped with two nozzles.

Many users consider a wireless vacuum cleaner to be the most convenient solution for cleaning in the car interior, even in the most inaccessible and remote places. It is indispensable during dry cleaning: it easily copes with dust, sand, ash, animal hair, food crumbs and other small debris.

The mobile device can work for 13 minutes on a single charge of a Li-ion battery. Charging is done via USB from a cigarette lighter, power bank, laptop, stationary outlet. Due to its small size, the device easily fits in the trunk.


Product Type: Battery vacuum cleaner; 
Power: 120W; 
Suction force: about 9000 Pa; 
Rated voltage: DC 7.4V; 
Noise level: up to 84 dB; 
Operating temperature: -20?up to +50?; 
Filter element: HEPA; 
Battery Type: Lithium; 
Charging: USB cable; 
Replaceable nozzles: yes; 
Case color: Black and green; 
Body Material: ABS plastic; 
Dimensions: 20x14x4 cm; 

Package contents: VC vacuum cleaner, replaceable nozzles, charging cable, instructions; 

Packaging: cardboard box.

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The emergency stop sign Multi Function COB working light 25 cm will be useful on fishing trips or hiking and will be useful to motorists. The product has a small weight and dimensions, does not take up much space in the trunk and backpack, it is convenient to take it with you. The built-in battery is charged via a USB cable and solar cells located on the back panel.

The sign has six operating modes, thanks to which it can perform several functions. It can be used as a flashlight with high-efficiency LED bulbs, as emergency lighting in extreme situations, a searchlight or a camping lamp.


Material: ABS Plastic
Type: Road Sign
Side Length: 27cm
Sign height: 25 cm
Power Type: Built-in battery
Charging: USB cable + solar cells (on the back)
Phone charge function:  PowerBank
Type of diodes: COB
Number of diodes: 38(3COB+35SMD)
Number of operating modes:  4(COB 100%, 50%, SMD 100%, Strobe)
Power 30W

Features: Splash protection

Equipment:  Sign-lantern, USB-microUSB cable

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Type: Central Locking Kit
Number of actuators included: 4 pcs

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The portable High Pressure Portable Car Washer will turn an ordinary garden hose into a compact washing unit. Thanks to the unique technology of water supply under high pressure, a jet jet is created that can easily wash the car, wash off dirt from garden furniture, clean paths, etc. The device can be used for watering garden plants, washing windows, bathing pets.

Simply connect the portable car wash to the hose and select the most appropriate water supply mode and the optimal pressure force. The powerful multifunctional cleaner is powered by a cigarette lighter. The device is suitable for hoses of any type.


Volume: 16 L;
Dimensions: Approximately 37 x 33 x 31 cm;
Power: DC 12V, 40W;
Pressure from 7 to 12 atmospheres.

Type: Portable car wash.
Work: from the cigarette lighter.

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The product participates in the PRODUCT OF THE WEEK Promotion, have time to place and pay for your order while the price is reduced!
The Multi Purpose Pillows of the Car massager is a device for massaging the whole body at home, at work, in the car. The product is characterized by ergonomics, stylish design, ease of use, safety. The device is automatically switched off after 20 minutes of operation.

Massage rollers in combination with infrared heating qualitatively simulate manual massage:

* they warm up the muscles;

* enhance lymph flow, blood circulation;

* relax;

* tone up;

* relieve nervous tension.

This is a real find and a great gift for people who spend a lot of time driving or working at a computer.

Auto-off: after 20 minutes of operation
Power: 24W
Weight: 1,414 kg.
Packaging: cardboard box
Package size: 32cm, 20cm, 12cm
Manufacturer: China
Package Contents:
Massage pillow;
adapter for power supply from the "cigarette lighter" of the car;
network adapter.

The adapter for the outlet is purchased separately. (estimated cost - 20-25 rubles.)



How does the massager work? Watch the video:

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The car interior heater from the Auto Heater Fan cigarette lighter is an indispensable thing in the harsh Russian climate. It is able to quickly warm up the car inside in winter after starting the engine, get rid of icy windows and cold air if the regular stove does not cope with this. The device is placed anywhere, including near the rear passenger seats and rear window thanks to the universal mounting.

The heater generates a warm directional airflow that spreads through the cabin, i.e., according to the principle of operation, it is a fan with a heating function. The device is saved from fire by the protection provided by the design.

Technical specifications:
Directed flow of warm air
Compact, easy-to-install design
Powered by a cigarette lighter
With overheating protection
Adjustable tilt and turn angle
Fan with heating functioncharacteristics
Material: Plastic
Adjusting the blowing direction:
- vertical ±45°
- horizontal ±360°
Maximum air heating temperature in the car: 125 °C (when removed from the heating element, the air cools down)
Current consumption: 12A
Maximum power: 150W
Food: 12V
Size: 13cm x 11cm x 7cm
Cord length: 1.5m
Country of Origin: China
What is included in the package
Fan with cord
Adhesive tape

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CR2032 battery
Material - plastic, electronic parts
Colors - green, white, pink, black
Device size 5 x 3.6 x 0.5 cm
Package size 5 x 5 x 1 cm
The weight of the device is 50 grams
Maximum Bluetooth communication range: 50 meters

See how it works:

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Radar Detector 360 will tell you about the presence of police radars on the way and will add comfort to the driver when driving. The device operates in all ranges, detects laser systems that muffle signal reception. The advantages of the model include:

* filters that prevent false positives;

* * alerts (that is new, voice);

* sound setting;

* adjustable display brightness;

* 360 degree view;

* operating temperature range from -40°C to +50°C;

* nice concise design;

* simple menu;

* long service life;

* affordable price.

Information about the charging status, operating ranges, etc. is displayed on a small convenient diode display. With regular updates, the device detects speed monitoring devices with a minimum number of false positives.

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The WiFi HD720P wireless flexible video endoscope is indispensable when visual inspection of hard-to-reach areas is required: this is important for checking electronic devices, during car repairs or during plumbing work. The device is a probe on a strong flexible base with a length of 1 meter, equipped with a lens with a diameter of 8 mm. The LED backlight is adjustable, providing an optimal level of illumination of the shooting area. 

The endoscope is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows operating systems, and has a WI-FI connection function. The housing, made according to the IP67 standard, is moisture- and dust-resistant, which guarantees a long time of operation of the device.



Color video and photo with a resolution of 1280x720/640x480/320x240 at a speed of 25 frames/sec
Viewing angle 70°, focal length 4-6 cm, diameter 8 mm
Built-in 750 mAh Li-ion battery (up to 2 hours of continuous operation)
Infrared illumination – 8 LEDs
Wi-Fi connection using free apps for iOS, Android
Can be used without a Wi-Fi module from a PC or MAC
Remote connection up to 30 meters
IP67 dust and moisture protection
Length – 1 meter
Set of additional attachments: mirror, hook, magnet

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The Elektronisk Massagepude massage pillow with 16 rollers is designed for effective kneading of different parts of the body. Ergonomic rollers describe circular movements, imitating the active massage effect of the masseur's hands.

Thanks to its compact size, it is convenient to take the pillow with you on trips, use it in the car and other places when your shoulders get numb and your neck starts to ache. Elektronisk Massagepude will help eliminate fatigue, reduce tension, relieve muscle pain. A wide and tight elastic band provides a reliable attachment of the massager to the headrest of the car seat. 

The kit includes a power cord for connecting to a car cigarette lighter. A network unit is provided for use at home. With the help of four adjustment buttons, the speed and direction of rotation of the rollers change, heating is turned on, during which the massage elements begin to glow.

It is recommended to wash the removable cover as it gets dirty. To do this, open the zipper sewn on the opposite side. During the operation of the massager, the zipper does not touch the human skin, excluding the possibility of injury.



Package Contents:
Massage pillow;
adapter for power supply from the "cigarette lighter" of the car;
network adapter.

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Type: Auto scanner
Power Supply: Bluetooth, USB
Material: Plastic
Length: 8 cm
Width: 4.5 cm
Height: 2.5 cm
Connection: Wi-Fi; 9 OBD2 protocols


See how it works:

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Technical specifications:

Type: Car Pump; 
Feature: Rechargeable; 
Power: Up to 60W; 
Digital display: there is a two-screen; 
Pressure units: lb/sq. inch, BAR, KG/CM2; 
Operating temperature: -10°C to 60°C; 
Battery: Lithium-ion; 
Battery Capacity: 6000mAh; 
Charging Method: Tipe-C; 
Air hose length: up to 15 cm; 
Body Material: ABS Plastic; 
Color: Black; 
Box dimensions: 20x10x10 cm; 
Package weight: 0.7 kg.

Package Contents: battery compressor, air hose, needle set, USB charging cable, storage bag, instructions.

Packaging: branded box.

100% quality guarantee
100% quality guarantee
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14 days for return
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