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Material: Steel

Manufacturer Country: China

Type: Snow Chain
Color: Grey
Quantity, pieces: 2

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Ice scraper with brush

In order for the car to always remain in excellent condition and its coating is not corroded, it is necessary to remove the formed ice from the surface of the car in a timely manner. To do this, you need to purchase an ice scraper with a TRAUTE 327 brush.

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- Maximum versatility.
- Mounting weight 4.35 kg.
- Powerful steel frame, made of pipes with a diameter of 25 mm.
- Long-lasting powder coating.
- The adjustable bicycle mount frame will allow you to fit the Aguri Tour Silver fasteners to your car perfectly.
- The hooks that hold the Aguri Tour Silver on the body are covered with a special tool (rubberized) that prevents scratches.
- Mobile bicycle frame holders make it possible to easily place bicycles.
- Security certificate B.
- Belt for additional fixation of bicycles mounted on Aguri Tour Silver, length 2.5 m.
- Easy installation, requiring no additional tools.
The Aguri Tour Silver 2 bicycle mount is a lightweight version of the bicycle mount on the rear door of the car, installed with straps. Mobile frame holders with an elastic safety belt make it possible to conveniently install the Aguri Tour Silver.

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General characteristics

Extra-class engine oil based on synthetic technologies, designed to ensure maximum cleanliness and protection of diesel engines of passenger cars, including VW diesel engines with a pump nozzle. Combines reliable protection with excellent starting characteristics.

The composition of the oil
is semi-synthetic

Engine type 

Tolerances and specifications for passenger cars VW 505 00, ACEA C3, VW 505 01
1 l

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Type of jack

Hydraulic mechanism
Load capacity 
2.5 t
Maximum lifting height
387 mm
dark blue
Technical specifications
Minimum lifting height 
140 mm

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Type of jack

Hydraulic mechanism
Load capacity 
3 t
Maximum lifting height
387 mm
Technical specifications
Minimum lifting height 
85 mm

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The set of tools of the STELS trademark is designed specifically for motorists and service centers. Designed for minor repairs in the house and in the country, for car maintenance.

Number of items in the set: 82 pcs.
Package contents: square, ratchet wrench, end heads, extension cord.
Square size: 1/2", 1/4".
Material: Steel.
Storage: plastic case.

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Barcode: 4607004061271

RW-40 RUNWAY, having excellent lubricating and penetrating properties, is widely used in cars and in everyday life, helping the details of mechanisms to work efficiently and properly.

Product Type: lubricant.
Type of use: universal.
Volume/Weight: 200 ml/g.
Product form: aerosol.
Packaging: balloon.

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  • Specifications:

    Battery charging time: 120 min
    Power Supply: Wireless
    Battery Capacity: 2000mA
    Battery life: 30-45 minutes
    Suction power: 120W
    Voltage: 120W
    Number of operating modes: 1
    Engine Type: Cyclone
    Dust collector Type: HEPA

    Cleaning type: dry
    Device power: 9000 Pa
    Weight: 360g
    Body Material: ABS plastic
    Fragility: Fragile
    Number of nozzles included: 4 pcs

    Package contents: Auto vacuum cleaner - 1 pc; 1 bag- case; USB charging wire; Vacuum cleaner nozzles 3 pcs; USB wire - 1 pc

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Car charging holder with touch sensor Smart Sensor Car Wireless R1 is a convenient multifunctional device that allows you to place a smartphone in the cabin of your car and recharge it at the same time. Stylish and ergonomic device in a sturdy case is an updated version of the previous version – S5. 

The wireless stand is installed on the grid of any horizontal deflector of the machine. Unlike the usual mounting on the front panel or windshield, this placement option provides more convenient access to the phone, which increases the safety of driving a vehicle. The clip automatically locks the device with a screen size of 4.5–6.5 inches, excluding its slipping. Side seals prevent rattling. The holder is equipped with touch sensors: by touching the back surface of the device, you can open it, and by inserting the phone into the socket, you can automatically close the latch. The design of the holder allows you to freely rotate the gadget, orient it horizontally (if used as a navigator), as well as safely charge the mobile without removing it from the case (up to 5 mm thick). Built–in LEDs notify about the status of the smartphone: the blue color of the indicator means that the device is in the process of recharging, green - the gadget is charged.

The product is compatible with phones that support Qi-standard charging, a special adapter can be purchased for all other devices. For even faster charging, it is recommended to additionally use the QC3.0 car adapter.


? Manufacturer: China

? Model: R1 Smart Sensor Simple Fast Wireless Charging Holder with Auto Clamping

? Input: 5V USB 1.67A (10W fast mode) 

? Fast Charging Mode: Fast Charge standart Qi (Qi wireless standard)

? Smartphone charging time:  fast mode (9V/1.7A) 2-2.5 hours; normal mode (5V/2A) 3.5 hours, 

? Power: 10W, 7.5W, 5W (automatic power identification)

? Charging efficiency: >=73%

? Charging frequency: 110-205 kHz

? Charging distance: 0-8 mm

? Compatibility: iPhone, Android

? Tilt angle: 360°

? Material: Metal, silicone, heat-resistant ABS plastic, glass

? Operating temperature: -20° to +45°

? Built-in protection system: metal object sensor, overvoltage fuse, heating protection up to 80°

? Dimensions: 130 x 106 x 15mm

? Cable length: 60 cm

? Weight: 95 g

? Color: Gold, Silver

? Quality Certificates: RoHS, FCC, CE-Red, Qi 


- Smart Sensor R1 holder with Auto clip

- microUSB charging cable

- Fixing the holder to the ventilation

- Packaging, user manual


See how it works:

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Radar Detector 360 will tell you about the presence of police radars on the way and will add comfort to the driver when driving. The device operates in all ranges, detects laser systems that muffle signal reception. The advantages of the model include:

* filters that prevent false positives;

* * alerts (that is new, voice);

* sound setting;

* adjustable display brightness;

* 360 degree view;

* operating temperature range from -40°C to +50°C;

* nice concise design;

* simple menu;

* long service life;

* affordable price.

Information about the charging status, operating ranges, etc. is displayed on a small convenient diode display. With regular updates, the device detects speed monitoring devices with a minimum number of false positives.

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Type: Auto scanner
Power Supply: Bluetooth, USB
Material: Plastic
Length: 8 cm
Width: 4.5 cm
Height: 2.5 cm
Connection: Wi-Fi; 9 OBD2 protocols


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Parktronic Car Parking Sensor 4 sensors is a universal system designed to facilitate the maneuvering of the car during parking. An audible warning signal in the blind zone is sent to the driver at a distance of 30-250 cm from the obstacle. The parking sensor detects obstacles with the help of sensors located on the bumper. The frequency of the sound increases when approaching an object that hinders movement. The device starts working when the engine is started.

The device is necessary for drivers who often park in unfamiliar places or at night (both experienced and beginners). It will provide comfort and tranquility, reduce the risk of an emergency when reversing.

The package includes a compact color display with a 5 cm diagonal screen, which displays information about the distance to the obstacle and its location. Thanks to the convenient mounting, you can quickly install the display on the instrument panel.



Scan area: rear only
Connection: Wired
Rear sensors: 4 pcs
Scanning distance: 0.1 – 2.5m
Indication: LED bulbs
Indoor unit Color: Black


Functions and features:

digital distance indicator


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The simple, easy-to-use, functional Vehicle Blackbox DVR Full HD 1080P DVR has a number of significant advantages over numerous analogues. Its advantages include:

* high-resolution video recording, which allows you to capture the smallest details;

* Support memory card up to 32GB;

* a sensor that helps to identify the moment of impact during a collision, saving a record of it in a special file;

* large viewing angle;

* night shooting with backlight;

* compact dimensions;

* low power consumption;

* auto on/off function;

* cyclic recording, possibility of rewriting;

* intuitive operation;

* affordable price.

Package size: 15 x 11 x 9 cm
Weight: 212 g
Display: 1.2 inches
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels, 30 frames per second
Power supply: Built-in battery, USB power supply
Package Contents: Car DVR, Charger, Suction cup
Packaging: cardboard box
Instructions in Russian
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Type: DVR; 
Model: A68; 
Feature: 3 cameras; 
Turn, U-turn: 360 degrees; 
Matrix: 5 MP; 
Viewing angle: 170° (width); 
Support: 1080p HD; 
Photo mode: yes; 
Recording mode: Cyclic; 
Impact sensor (G-sensor): Yes; 
Rear view camera: yes; 
Built-in microphone: yes; 
Built-in speaker: yes; 
Power supply: from the battery, from the on-board network; 
Battery Capacity: 180 mAh; 
Color: Black; 
Device dimensions: 8.5x5x4 cm; 

Package contents: A68 DVR, rear view camera, power cable, holder, mounting kit, instructions.

Packaging: branded box.


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100% quality guarantee
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